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Reparation Ordinateur Portable, Computer and laptop repair in Laval, Offering commercial and individual PC and laptops free diagnoses and office internet network. Our technicians are experienced for all computer repair related, common or uncommon issues specifically on all PC Apple or Windows operating system. We provide free estimate within 24 hours for individuals, and 12 hours for commercial IT support offices.

We offer repairs for all Apple computers, iMac PC, Mac mini, MacBook Pro 13" 15" 17", MacBook Air with a single task since almost for of the parts are stocked. MacBook Screen replacement, MacBook Hard drive repair and data recovery etc.. Some tasks could be complex to other repair centers but not to our team, you will receive a free diagnoses report before you spend a penny. Our program helps you not to exceed your monthly budget.

Montreal PC Support offers complete solution of various programs on both corporate and home computer systems including: Virus Removal in Laval, Data Recuperate, Router setup, Screen repair.

Home Remote Support. We can help you from distance with your computer software problems and offer protection to escape future incidences. Laptop Repair Laval service offer Remote support please follow the link for more information in what cases can be done remotely via our help desk, or computer repair laval.

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Laptop hinge repair Service Center Laval

Due to the cheap quality and design of laptop computers, broken hinges is known as manufactured premature defects since the plastic was primarily assembled by a machine.

Laptop casings are made polyethylene terephthalate, the hinges are usually made of pot metal attached to polyethylene terephthalate case mounts. Hinge failures are caused by stress on the metal and plastic parts specially when the screws get loose by time during vibration while traveling with your laptop. This can cause cracks around and in the metal hinge where screwed in the plastic bolts. Some case the metal itself breaks a part.. When holes cracks, the hinge will jam

Computing Practices:

  • Avoid having your laptop on soft fabrics while running or watching to prevent air circulation and dust accumulation.
  • Service your Gaming laptops and PCs seasonly to avoid heating problems that could result to malfunctioning your GPU graphics card.
  • Install all pending updates from Windows to help secure your computer and speed.
  • Do not open your own laptop to avoid breaking all the wiring and shortaging your motherboard. Many people had lost their computers trying to follow youtube videos.
  • Do not trust emails coming from your banks.
  • Stay tuned on latest virus news and don't be a victim to those who pretend to be calling themselves Microsoft.
  • Test your office and home local network from viruses.
  • If you're not sure about a link, do not risk clicking it.


Reparation Ordinateur Portable service.

Laptop Repair Montreal
  • Laptop Hinge repair and replacement.
  • MacBook and other laptop brands screen LCD touch replacement.
  • Hard drive replacement.
  • Power jack soldering.
  • Laptop hinge repair.
  • Custum built PC.
  • Network setup, wireless.
  • Motherboard repairs and replacement.



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