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Welcome to Montreal PC Support, your trusted destination for reliable and affordable Apple MacBook repair services in Montreal. We are a team of experienced and certified technicians who specialize in repairing and maintaining MacBook laptops.

At Montreal PC Support, we understand how important your MacBook is to you, whether you use it for work or personal use. That's why we strive to provide fast and efficient repair services to ensure minimal downtime for you. We use only genuine Apple parts and state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and repair your MacBook, ensuring that your device functions like new again.

Our range of MacBook repair services includes but is not limited to:

  1. Mac Screen replacement: We can replace a cracked or damaged MacBook screen with a brand new one, restoring the visual appeal of your MacBook.

  2. MacBook Battery replacement: If your MacBook Pro or Air battery is not holding a charge or is draining too quickly, we can replace it with a new one to extend your device's battery life.

  3. MacBook Keyboard replacement: If your MacBook keyboard is not functioning correctly due to spills, wear and tear, or other issues, we can replace it with a new one to ensure seamless typing.

  4. MacBook Hard drive and SSD replacement: If your MacBook's storage is not functioning correctly, we can replace it with a new hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD), restoring your device's storage capacity.

  5. MacBook Data recovery: We understand the importance of your data, and we offer data recovery services to retrieve lost or corrupted files from your MacBook integrated storage.

  6. Apple MacBook Virus and malware removal: We can remove viruses, malware, and other malicious software from your MacBook, ensuring that your device remains secure and protected.

At Montreal PC Support, we offer transparent and competitive pricing for all our MacBook repair services. We also provide a warranty on all our repairs, ensuring that you have peace of mind knowing that your MacBook is in good hands.

To schedule an appointment or for more information about our Apple MacBook repair services in Montreal, please visit our website or call us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with all your MacBook repair needs.

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Apple MacBook Air 2018 2019 2020 2021, MacBook Pro Repair Center Montreal.

Specilizing in Apple MacBook products repairs in Montreal, for the folowing Laptop model: Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air repair, iMac screen replacement and upgrades.

Our main goal is to repair your MacBook from water damage or screen replacement at lowest cost possible. We offer fast liquid recovery for MacBook laptops in Montreal.

Liquid spilled on MacBook Pro 2015, MacBook Pro 2016, MacBook Pro 2017, MacBook air / Pro 2019, MacBook Pro 2021. We can repair your MacBook Logic board with-in a week and much inexpensive from Apple store. Logic Board at the Apple Store are costly. Keyboards replacement and more advanced repairs for your Apple MacBook in Montreal.

MacBook Pro, Air, iMac Data recovery from liquid damage or physical damage.

We are specialized in built-in ssd Data recovery for MacBook pro 13" and 15".

Just west of downtown Montreal, Pleateau, corner of Laurier and Saint Hubert streer. Right off the Laurier Metro!

MacBook Pro may encounter a few issues such as water damage or battery problems. Luckily, the specialists at Montreal PC Support are your go-to experts for every MacBook Pro generation including the MacBook Pro 2016, MacBook Pro 2015, and MacBook Pro 2014. Visit us for an estimate.

Top Apple MacBook habitual error messages: MacBook display a folder with a question mark. Mac OS X Kernel Panic. Your disk is almost full. The application quite unexpectedly.

Apple MacBook Services in Montreal

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  • MacBook Air Laptop Repair Montreal.
  • MacBook Pro Laptop Keyboards Repair.
  • MacBook Air Laptop Screen Repair.
  • iMac 2020 Hard Drive SSD Repair and upgrades.
  • Apple MacBook 2021 Liquid damage repair in Montreal.
  • MacBook Pro Logic board repair and replacements..
  • Apple MacBooks Repair Center in Montreal.
  • MacBook Pro and Air Keyboard Replacement.
  • Apple Service for Liquid Damage Logic Board Repair.
  • MacBook Pro & Air OS X upgrades and repairs.
  • MacBook Battery Replacements 2012 to 2021.
  • New Apple MacBook Pro Screen Replacements.
  • Apple MacBook Pro 2014 Motherboard Repair.
  • MacBook 2016 Touchpad Repair in Montreal,
  • Apple MacBook Air 2017 Water Treatment and Cleaning.
  • MacBook Pro 2019 Screen Cable Replacement in Montreal.
  • MacBook Repair Montreal.
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